Kidney Transplant in India

The Kidney Transplant team at Narayana Health is among the most experienced and skilled in India. We were among the first centres to perform an ABO incompatible transplant and to perform cadaveric transplants. The expert team of nephrologists, urologists, and transplant specialists work together to perform challenging transplant cases such as highly sensitised cases, repeat transplants, paediatric cases and cases where transplant recipients face complex medical issues. Key advantages of Narayana Health include the well-equipped blood bank service, the In-house molecular biology lab and the radiology services. In addition, our hospitals also feature round the clock dialysis services and modern Intensive Care Units and isolated patient rooms for post-surgery care.

Kidney Transplant Services At Narayana Health

  • HLA typing to check donor compatibility with potential recipients
  • Tests to check for serious illnesses that could affect the process, such as cardiac disorders and untreated/improperly managed chronic infections
  • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy which leaves a smaller scar on the donor and allows for faster recovery
  • Post-operative care including dietary guidance and monitoring

Note: As per Indian laws, all international patients must have a suitable donor of their nationality before they arrive for the procedure. Narayana health does not indulge in the illegal practice of buying or selling of Kidneys.


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