Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we have a dedicated airport manager who will be present to meet you and your companion. They will assist you in boarding an NH official vehicle/cab which will take you to the hospital or your accommodation.

You will be met by our coordinators on the first day. We have a separate section for our international patients and if you require further assistance, we request you to visit the international desk where our patient coordinators will be ready to assist.

Yes, if a patient whose condition is not stable and has arrived under life support, we will transport the patient to the hospital immediately for further care. We are equipped with ambulances with ACLS/BLS trained staff, and doctors trained to handle emergency situations who’ll take the patient straight to the hospital with the consensus of the primary consultant.

Once the patient reaches the hospital, the international patient coordinator will assist in providing an Indian phone number (SIM) to the patient, subject to availability, local norms, laws, and conditions.

Yes. We understand that a card is easier to carry than cash and medical expenses can at times be unforeseen. We accept all major credit cards, subject to limitations and norms/ FOREX charges or transaction charges.

Your International patient coordinator would be able to assist and facilitate prioritisation of patient services in terms of making it more prompt, hassle free, and seamless.

We recommend that all our patients who undergo any kind of surgery to visit NH with at least one companion. As a norm, family consent is required to undergo any medical procedure. However, our team will be there throughout your journey to ensure that your needs are taken care of.

To perform any major surgery, a certain amount of preparation is required. As a policy, we request our International patients to deposit or wire transfer 80% of the financial quote provided.

Yes, we have international cuisines which are served to patients with the consensus of a nutritionist. At NH we also have a food court which caters to needs and tastes of our patient’s attenders.

No, at NH, the food provided for In-patients and their attenders is complimentary. We do not charge for the food.

NH respects all religious beliefs and customs. Our hospitals have prayer rooms which are suitable for all.

Our International Patient Team will assist you regarding your visa extension process. In most circumstances, the need for an extension is foreseen well in advance and the required steps can be taken in time.

If a situation arises and a refund is required, we will make arrangements as per the patient’s convenience. In the case the amount is significantly large, we’ll send the money through a wire transfer.

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